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  SDFB-1A sub-board electric machine Detail  


Can quickly and economically separate the different sizes of PCB, wide adaptability;

Segmentation process smooth and efficient to prevent the generation of internal stress; sub-board control buttons to control the length may be; PCB pre-carved V-groove on the distribution of some of the fracture does not affect the cutting;

Tool material by the Swedish import SKH7 steel, extremely long life.


Maximum length of 400 mm sub-panels can be customized

min thickness 0.5 ~ 3 mm

sub-board rate per second 200,300,400,500 mm adjustable

Sweden SKH7 high-speed steel tool materials

power supply 220V, 50HZ, 40W Optional

size 720 * 370 * 390 (L * W * H)

weight of 60 kg < / P>


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