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PCB sub-board machine
FPC sub-board machine
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Linkman: Mr. Chen
TEL: 0769-21566131
FAX: 0769-85493548
Address: Dongguan  Lu housing Wanjiang Village Industrial Zone

About Us

    Dongguan Shuo Activity Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a development, design, production, sales PCB sub-board machine, PCB shears, FPC punch, sub-plate molds, hot pulse welding machine, jig and the rule of non-standard automation equipment with professional chemical factory. Company has strong development capability and production and processing capacity.
    With our continued innovation, scientific management, to customer satisfaction work of the spirit of reducing the labor intensity for the customer to increase productivity, improve product quality, and stable operating contributions. Through careful management company staff, the company with some famous enterprises to establish long-term stable cooperative relations, products related to mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, connectors, PCB, LCD, LED, PKP, HDD, FPC, etc. industry. And undertake electronic Welding parts processing.
    The company has a full range of mechanical processing equipment and testing equipment, well control and guarantee product quality. Also continue to strengthen the management of the foundation, in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 operate to Seiko secret agents, adherence to technology, steady quality, fast delivery for the purpose of working for the new and old customers with the products and services.
    Welcome new and old customers letter calls contact!

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